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About Me

Who is CircuitFlyer? It’s just me, Paul Emmerson. A retired old guy that loves to tinker, learn new things and fly control line model airplanes. No, I’m not an embedded systems engineer nor a great programmer. I’m not even a great stunt flyer. I just love to experiment and sometimes learn things the hard way.

Sharing what I have learned is my way of giving back to the hobby I enjoy. The intent of an open source project is to encourage other people to build upon and add to the project while continuing to share their efforts in the same manner.

Why go to all trouble of making your own, when you could just buy one? The electronics field changes very fast. Newer, faster and better microcontrollers are always being released. I feel that the current timers that are commercially available for a reasonable cost are dated and have limited capabilities. I also feel that the cost of some timers and their programmers could restrict newcomers to the hobby. Having more options is a good thing.